• Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    Setting sail for colder climes and an amusing pic...

    Another day with the wife in attendance, her last of the holiday until next week. Been busy saying goodbye to family and trying not to forget to buy last minute Christmas gifts for people back home. Though I managed to forget most. Still it's all finished now and presumably our presence alone will be enough (written with a smile).

    Given all the bad press Suwarnabhumi Airport is getting just recently I can't say the thought of going there again is very appealing. With an estimated 1.5billion baht of corrections to be made to bring it up to scratch it doesn't inspire confidence. Just hope they've fixed those runway cracks now.

    If I'm not mistaken the short-lived Thai winter has been particularly short-lived this year. Gone are the lovely cold evenings, both of them, and now there's a definite rise of temperature. Though it isn't yet back to its usually sweltering self Bangkok is warming up again. In the north the temperatures have fallen as low as 0c (at the tops of mountains) and in the south the waves have been causing chaos and flooding. Here in Bangkok all is just dandy. The papers reported some frost on a flower perched up a hill somewhere up north. Gangs of Thais decked out in woolly clothes traipsed up there to inspect the small pieces of frost that had collected on a few leaves and take far too many photos.

    Well, soon be leaving this mad country and heading for the sanity of Blighty where the shops are no doubt preparing for Easter whilst the government debates whether or not it is PC to celebrate it. It's only a few months since my last visit but I'm sure prices will have risen and the average house price will now be beyond the affordability of just about everyone. Something else would have been banned and petrol (gas for American readers) will be more than a hundred quid a gallon. Maybe Thailand isn't so mad.

    Here's an amusing pic that appeared in my inbox. Enjoy!

    Setting sail for colder climes and an amusing pic...



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