• Saturday, December 30, 2006

    Festive England and Thailand from afar....

    With a good night's sleep I think the daughter is now on a UK clock and seems full of energy and ready for today's party. Even over here I'm not free from the torture of kid's parties. We're heading up to North Wales to some friends for their daughter's sixth birthday party. Oh, the joy!

    Here in the land of silence all is, well, er, silent. From living in Bangkok, rural England seems even quieter than I remember. At night the sky is full of stars, easily visible as there is virtually no light pollution and the only sound other than the odd fox or owl is from the distant, and rare, hum of a car.

    Thailand is in the news, though not headline stuff. I read the FT on the plane from Singapore and the world view is that Thailand might be about to make a monumental shot in its own foot. With alterations to foreign holdings in Thai companies and the possibility of large multi-nationals being forced to sell their shares to Thais, suggestions of Thai Airways buying out of the stock market in order to return all holdings to Thai hands etc etc, the feeling is that Thailand is about to make itself unattractive to foreign investors. On top of this there is that military government which brought itself to power contrary to the normal rules of democracy. Regardless of how well it is doing or how bad the previous government was the idea of a military government doesn't sit well on foreign ears.

    Personally I don't think it will be a problem. If there is money to be made in Thailand then foreign money will find its way in regardless of how many restrictions the government slaps on it. Thailand is a country that just seems to get away with whatever it likes and the world either chooses to ignore it or quietly turns the proverbial blind eye and swallows whatever crap Thailand comes up with.

    Saddam is dead. Yes, executed today for his various crimes against his own people and general thuggery over his 25 years in power. Not sure what to think about that. End of an era.

    Cold as it is it's nice being back here at this time of year. Festive wintry England with its open log fires, English beer and general yule-tide cheer. There's a lot to miss about England.

    Festive England and Thailand from afar....

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