• Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Letter from ..... England

    Living in Thailand it is easy to forget just how green the world is becoming. Environmental issues are second to profit and status in Thailand, largely.

    Back in Thailand the most noticeable vehicle on the roads is the double cab pick-up with it's luxury interior and 3.0 litre plus engine. Just what is needed on Bangkok's congested streets. Here, however, things are different. Sure there are 4x4s a plenty and we Brits gave the world the Land Rover and Range Rover but the trend is on the change. There's noticeably more small cars on the road. Economical "mini" cars are becoming a greater part of the vehicular landscape. Good.

    The trains system here is bursting at the seams with increased traffic as people are starting to favour public transport over the car. The price of a train ride is not cheap and is set to rise further. Some people think this is actually government policy to deter people from using the train system which is desperately in need of enlargement to cater for an increase in traffic. Typical of this particular government and their brand of un-preparedness and hypocrisy.

    Up in Scotland the biggest growth industry is power. Not the North Sea oil that has powered their, and our, economy since the late seventies but wind power. Wind farms are popping up all over Scotland and it is well above all targets for projected renewable power generation set by the government.

    Even McDonalds here have started to stock organic products, including fruit, milk and veg, and encourages recycling. Recycling bins are now common everywhere and just about everyone I know recycles, even my dinosaur of a mother has started separating the tin from the plastic.

    There really does seem to be a green revolution going on here which is even stretching into the tourist sector of the economy. Ethical and green holidays are becoming fashionable. Budget airlines (excuse me whilst I wash my mouth out) are losing their appeal as the more enviro-friendly and sedate method of rail travel is becoming once again fashionable. The European rail-card is (euro-rail) once again going to be the choice for gap year students and even small families. Apparently people are fed-up with the endless queues involved in budget travel and also feel guilty about paying bugger all in order to travel short distances which result in large-scale pollution.

    It looks like the UK is fast on the right track to becoming a very green place to be and is getting those co2 emissions down to an acceptable level.

    Coincidentally my new business venture has a green flavour to it. Hopefully it will have little or no environmental impact at all. Difficult as it may sound this is looking like being achievable. More on this project as it begins to take shape.

    Letter from ..... England

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