• Friday, January 05, 2007

    Thai bombs and politics..

    Bangkok clip here.

    Looks like even more confusion in Thailand. Rumours of a counter coup by the military that gave us the first coup. It seems that whenever there is trouble in Thailand a good old fashioned coup is the answer we're looking for. General Sonthi has denied these rumours and confirmed that there won't be any couping in the coming days.

    Rumours of bombs and mayhem this weekend are causing concern amongst Bangkok's residents. I'm not there at the moment but there is a definite feeling, from what I've read, that no one really knows what is going on and the truth is unlikely to emerge anytime soon.

    Got to take a trip to Wales again tomorrow. Should be fun, almost guaranteed to be raining and miserable weather as soon as we cross the border. Wales is a beautiful place in the summer but bleak in the winter.

    Everywhere is still quiet here. It seems that most of the country decided to take this week as holiday rather than go back to work for a few days after the new year celebrations. Seems that many are abroad too.

    Thai bombs and politics..

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    Anonymous Thai TV said...

    I hope Thailand will overcome this time of confusion!

    12:55 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    It usually does. Short term everything will be sorted but I can't help thinking there are some deep-rooted problems within their political culture that need addressing before all this nonsense can become a thing of the past.

    5:30 pm  
    Anonymous Charmaine said...

    Interesting to know.

    8:01 pm  

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