• Monday, January 15, 2007

    Thailand gets another bonus...

    There is a company in Thailand that is getting a wonderful bonus courtesy of the gullible British taxpayer and idiocy of the British government. Every year the government creates a great deal of pollution through, often needles, trips abroad by ministers and their tag-alongs. Concerned about the environment they are now doing something about it.

    Sound good so far? Rather than simply cutting down on overseas travel and making use of video conferencing or even compensating for the effects here in the UK they have decided the best thing to do is help Thailand. Beggars belief.

    Siam Products in Kelasin produces starch from cassava, giving a by product of rotting vegetable matter. Until now they have adopted the traditional Thai approach to waste: sling it outside and let it stink. However, now British taxpayers' money, to the tune of nearly US$0.5million, will be used to control this waste and create methane that will be used to provide energy for the factory. That's nice.

    So to make the idiots in British government feel good about themselves and less guilty about their excessive travel they take taxpayers' money and help a company producing starch control it's waste and get free electricity. Warms the heart. Maybe if they were giving the electricity to needy people it would be easier to stomach but giving it to the company so they can be more efficient and make a bigger profit is just dumb.

    I don't understand why they couldn't offset their pollution in the UK rather than a country governed by a nationalist military government with a xenophobic foreign and national policy that makes absolutely no effort to reduce carbon dioxide itself. Thailand is not a third world country and is not poor so why should it benefit from over-taxed Brits? Shocking!

    This is the same country that is just about to relieve companies such as BAT (British American Tobacco) of most of their stock and make them Thai entities - because Thailand does not want foreign companies in Thailand (except when the economy desperately needs them).

    OK, rant over.

    Thailand gets another bonus...



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