• Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Winter cold and security at Suwarnabhumi Airport...

    Well, it was going to happen, I've got the obligatory winter cold. The throat feels thick, sinuses blocked and feverish feeling all over. There's a lot of it about this time of year so I'd have been more surprised not to get some symptoms.

    Looks like today is going to be good. Cold, but clear blue sky and sun shining bright. Trying hard to work but with the daughter not at school it is proving difficult. The wife's now in the UK, attending some kind of course in London so we'll be collecting her on Friday. Having flown in with Thai Airways she reports that they have increased their security in a big way. All luggage scanned twice and she was forced to unwrap some presents she was carrying so security staff could look.

    She doesn't look very Thai, she's half Chinese, and the security staff assumed she was Chinese and couldn't speak Thai. They weren't very polite and were going to give her a hard time until she announced that she was Thai and then it was easier. Seems Thai security at Suwarnabhumi is only seriously suspicious of non-Thais. Strange attitude as terrorist activity in Thailand comes from Thais and not foreigners.

    Winter cold and security at Suwarnabhumi Airport...



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