• Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Protectionist Thailand and demanding daughters...

    Just been reading about Thailand in the online Bangkok Post. As the UK pound reaches almost $2 it would seem that it is, by Thai standards anyway, time to take protectionist steps against any further rise in value of the pound and the ensuing detoriation in our exports. However, we are a forward thinking, free wheeling and open democratic economy that seems to embrace both capitalism and globalization completely. So we won't be taking any such steps. Just a shame a few other nations aren't the same.

    As steps to create my new business venture take shape I have decided to scrap the name. This has sent me crashing back to square one and desperately scratching around for a new name and identity for this new venture. Bugger!

    I'm struggling at the moment. I really need to get work done. I have a backlog of work to do but I also have a demanding daughter who wants attention. I have a policy of not wanting to turn my daughter away. Result: when I'm trying to work and she comes and pesters me I stop working. I just can't get anything done. It's not that she wants attention for attention's sake. She comes to me with writing exrecise books and wants me to see her writing, or with her books and wants to show me her reading or for me to read to her, or for both of us to paint! And on and on... I can't bring myslef to ignore her and so my work suffers. Once again, bugger!

    Anyway, there is a little girl stood next to me telling me she has a cold and wants me to help her paint. It's Sunday. She wins again.

    Protectionist Thailand and demanding daughters...



    Blogger Liza said...

    Whenever I sit down at the home computer, my son comes wandering in about five minutes later, takes my hand and drags me back to the living room (or climbs on the other desk chair and starts playing with the office supplies, forcing me to quickly suggest that we go play in the living room before he pokes himself with a pen or staples his fingers together). I can never get work done if he's around and awake.

    3:34 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Welcome to my world!! When we get back to Thailand she'll be back to school and I go back to having six hours a day free. Heaven!!!

    12:39 am  
    Blogger Liza said...

    The best is when he gets really excited because one of his favorite shows is on TV, and he expects me to be just as excited as he is. We'll be sitting in the living room playing, and suddenly Dora the Explorer comes on. "DORA! IT'S DORA! MOMMY, DID YOU SEE? DORA'S ON!" "Yes, sweetie, I saw. How exciting!" Sigh...

    6:00 pm  

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