• Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Quitting smoking...

    A old friend of mine has just given up smoking. It's quite funny watching him squirm and suffer. I know how he feels, been there, done that. Nicotine is one powerful drug. I gave up meat and I sometimes go for long periods without alcohol, neither of which bothers me. But cigarettes? I don't think I will ever be completely free from that deep desire to light-up once again.

    Being back here in the UK the pressure to smoke is greater. In Thailand steps have already been taken to stamp out smoking. Disgusting pictures on packets, ban on advertising, and cigarettes have to be hidden at the point of sale. In shops and petrol stations you don't actually see cigarettes, they are hidden and a sign will be visible stating that cigarettes are available. This is a great help when trying to stop smoking: out of sight, out of mind. In a matter of months smoking will be banned in all public places in England, including pubs and bars, so it should be a lot easier.

    I know that smoking is bad for the health. It can cause disease, pain and death, it makes your breath and clothes stink, and, in the UK, it's bloody expensive. Despite that I'd mud wrestle my own gran for a smoke just now and hope someone can come up with a way to smoke without all the nasty side-effects soon.

    Looks like the beaches of Devon are finally cleared, except the empty containers. After the MSC Napoli container ship managed to beach itself and start shedding containers locals spent the last week "salvaging" booty. People have been walking away from the beach with new BMW motorbikes, a Mercedes, barrels of wine and just about everything you can think of, even a tractor. Authorities seem to think it will take about five months to remove the remaining containers from the ship.

    Looks like Wales again tomorrow.

    Quitting smoking...



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