• Friday, February 02, 2007

    Fuel surcharge and Thailand's big huff....

    Just found this in my inbox. Childish but amusing all the same.

    It's official, the new fuel surcharge for long haul flights is GBP£40 per passenger. Some airlines have very kindly agreed to swallow this cost, presumably thay mean hide it in a sneaky price hike (such a cynic). I'll guess I'll find out at the check-in couter. The big question now is will the extra billion quid (official figs) gained by the treasury actually go to environmental projects to counter the effects of pollution, or simply to the treeasury. Hmm, my money is on the treasury, and maybe more speed cameras.

    Apparently Thai workers in Singapore have been leaving their jobs because of losing to Singapore the other night. That's a serious huff by anyone's standards! The Thai team manager has insulted Singapore by saying that it is dangerous for Thailand to play in Singapore because of the gambling. Oh, right, so there's no gambling now in whiter than white Thailand. A very troublesome and extremely nationalistic crowd is expected at the return game on Sunday. I feel sorry for any Singaporeans at the match as they will no doubt come under attack by silly little Thais if their team is victorious. Thailand will surely win (one way or another) or there'll be some bawling and crying and 60 something million huffy Thais sulking and burning Singaporean flags everywhere. Come on Thailand, grow the f### up! Sport should be played in a sportsmanlike fashion.

    Fuel surcharge and Thailand's big huff....

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    Blogger Blazin said...

    I read in the Times this morning that the money has not been earmarked for any green projects and will go to the treasury with all the other taxes.

    9:00 pm  
    Anonymous lillian said...

    Someone wrote only school boys act like that soccer team.. well.. non of my children have EVER acted like that at a game. Disgraceful and very embaresssing !!!!

    5:11 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for ur invitation ..mate.
    I'd love to exchnage ideas with u.
    Hey what hell it is too take sports in such a bullish fashion. Thai's should grow up !!! anyways .. keep us updated.

    reader in UAE

    9:52 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Blazin: Sounds about right. What a shame. I think most don't mind being taxed as long as the tax is put to good and appropriate use. Yet another New Labour stealth tax I guess.
    Lillian: I know what you mean, kids and animals are always being used as unfair comparisons.
    Anon: My sentiments exactly!

    Thanks all for the comments.

    9:57 am  

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