• Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Diet needed, book about Taksin and Diane Hannon, cat killer...

    I knew I'd put on weight in the UK but only this morning did I find out how much. One stone!! That's 14lb or 6.35kg!! And in about one month! Being back home was nice and foraging on all the old delights was enjoyable but added to the fact I wasn't doing my daily session in the gym the pounds just stacked on. Hell I feel disgusted with myself, no wonder yesterday's return to the gym was painful. I'm quite tall and have a heavy structure so the weight, fortunately, doesn't look too bad but I feel uncomfortable with it. So, having put it on in a month I'll see if I can get it off before the end of Feb, or the end of the first week in March. Currently 103kg. Watch this space.

    Usual nonsense in the papers this morning. A senior police johnny has been moved and replaced by the military lot. More about the crap at the new airport etc etc. Opposition politicians have published a book detailing Taksins crimes against Thailand, to be distributed internationally. I think the idea is try and make people wise to the true nature of this guy.

    The report in the paper mentioned the main areas of concern like corruption and cronyism but, once again, no mention of the thousands of innocent people who died under his "rule". Honestly, if they want international support I don't think they would do better than playing up the "crimes against humanity" aspect of his time in power. And maybe the families of the deceased can get some justice too.

    Some Welsh woman was sentenced to four months suspended sentence and a miserly £300 GBP fine yesterday in the UK for an act of callous cruelty. Pissed off with her boyfriend she threw his 6 year old deaf cat in the washing machine and turned it on. The cat was scolded, lost its fur, broke bones and had a heart attack and died. She told him about it on the phone and had a good laugh and said she hated him. Her defence was the usual crap about being depressed and regretting her actions and so she didn't get jailed. I saw this on the BBC news site here. Just felt moved by it. Can't understand some people. Surely she must be a danger to the public, mentally disturbed without a doubt. Her name is Diane Hannon.

    A ghastly specimen of humanity, Diane Hannon - Cat Killer

    Sorry about this, couldn't help it.

    Diet needed, book about Taksin and Diane Hannon, cat killer...

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    Blogger Liza said...

    She looks like she could do with a good spin cycle herself, I think...

    4:11 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...


    11:17 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What a woman and I cannot believe that she is let off so easily. She should be severely punsihed either by being placed in a super large washing machine on hot full cycle or dropped into a pit full of vicious pitbulls wearing 'paws the cat' masks. It is really rare that I am so affected by a news story and I would like to find that woman's address so I can send her hate mail!!!!! I have actually considered visiting her, I mean, how hard could it be to find her, given that she probably lives in a house marked 'cat killer' in red spray paint.

    11:31 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    I know how you feel. There's something utterly sickening about this kind of thing. If she had a problem with her man then why not hit him, why kill the cat?
    I think the punishment for this kind of crime should be increased. She's obviously deranged and sick in the head and thereby a threat to society.

    9:40 am  

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