• Monday, February 05, 2007

    Getting back into life in Thailand...

    Singapore won, and apparently there wasn't any violence. Although it was a 1-1 draw they won on aggregate. The Asean Football Federation will decide soon whether or not to punish the Thai side for their sulky pitch departure at last week's game. My guess is that it will blow over and be forgotten about.

    Back to the gym today, first time for about seven weeks. Not only have I not been going but I managed to put on a lot of weight when I was back in the UK so it was a real struggle today. I ache like hell now and feel like doing nothing, except perhaps sleeping.

    Had to get up early to take the wife to the airport, she's away for a few days on business so it's just the daughter and me again. Talking of the airport the latest reports show yet more trouble down at the great Suwarnabhumi Airport. This time it's the passenger boarding bridges. Hmm, will it ever end? Even members of the government have admitted that the whole thing is a joke and denting Thailand's reputation abroad. Ah well!

    Thailand has an obsession with "hubs". They've been banging on for some time now about being a hub for just about everything: international hub for cuisine, massage hub, relaxation and spa hub, tourist hub, technological hub, telecommunications hub (yeah, right) and Suwarnabhumi was set to give it aviational hub status, but not now. They have announced today that Bangkok could become the logistics hub of Asia. Bless. So many hubs. I wonder what the minister for hubs will announce next. Hub of hubs perhaps?

    The garden is overgrown with weeds due to my absence over the last four weeks so I have a load of work to do. But right now, no energy and no motivation.

    Getting back into life in Thailand...



    Blogger Liza said...

    The Thai government sounds like the Israeli government. All you need are a few sex scandals, and you should be all set. Sigh...

    5:28 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    LOL, the thought of any of this lot in sex scandals is not a nice one. They tend to keep that kind of thing very quiet here, thankfully.

    8:58 pm  

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