• Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Bangkok airport(s), Land Rover for sale and moving...

    Well, the inevitable has happened. I've been saying it since day one and so has just about every foreigner I've spoken to. It's official, they're going to re-open Don Muang and have two international airports. It makes sense, rather than continuing the expansion program at Suwarnabhumi. I just hope that the two air traffic control centres can work in harmony and avoid any accidents over Bangkok.

    Something else I got right was the action to be taken against the Thai football team for their big sulk last week, in defiance of the ref's decision. They've got away with it, no surprise really.

    Anyone want to buy a Land Rover? Given that we're almost certainly heading back home sometime this year I'm going to sell the Land Rover. I've thought about taking it back with me but not sure it is worth it, as I'm sure it would need lots of work to get it road worthy by UK standards. It's still an option though. Ideally I would like to get something small and economical in the UK, or live somewhere where a car is not needed at all.

    The specs: 1972, LWB Land Rover, dual fuel (petrol and LPG), 10 seats, green, power steering, air-con, and in need of a bit of TLC. I've got a figure in mind but open to offers. The daughter will cry her eyes out when she finds out.

    It's odd but despite everything I feel about this place and all the moaning I do about it I know I will be very sad to leave. It does grow on you and certainly gets under your skin. I think the only way we won't leave though is if I can find a way to balance an existence between the two countries and get a good income. All suggestions welcome. I know that within a few years of being back in the UK I will get itchy feet and want to move again. Very unsettled, must be something in the genes.

    Bangkok airport(s), Land Rover for sale and moving...



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