• Friday, February 09, 2007

    Tired in Thaland and iPod purchase in Bangkok...

    Funny weather here. Yesterday was hotter than the last few days and then came a huge downpour which lasted about ten minutes. Quite refreshing really. Today is cooler again.

    End of the first week back at the gym and I'm knackered to say the least. Insomnia has struck again and I find myself wide awake at 2am but still getting up around 6am, result: feeling tired throughout the day. The thought of going for another pounding at the gym today is not a pleasant one but there's some serious weight increase which needs decreasing.

    Trying to make up my mind whether or not to replace my iPod (I ran over mine) now or wait until this new iPhone comes out. The Apple reseller here in Bangkok is currently doing a good deal, a 60gb video iPod for 10,990baht (GBP£163 or US$320). I'm currently using my old Archos Gmini whilst I'm ipod-less. It's ok but not a patch on the old pod. As a rule I'm trying not to buy any expensive techie items in Bangkok because of the problems I've had in the past and the fact that Thai shops generally won't honour guarantees. It's tempting though, and cheaper than the UK.

    As Valentine's approaches I've found myself under pressure from the sister-in-law to be romantic and take the wife out. I generally don't do romantic, at least not since I got married anyway. All seems a lot of effort. Though I guess I'll give in by the time the 14th arrives.

    Tired in Thaland and iPod purchase in Bangkok...



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