• Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Eating in Thailand...

    Anyone living in Thailand or who knows anything about current events in Thailand will have heard of the "Epicurean Masters of the World" dining extravaganza that will take place this weekend. Basically it's lots of filthy rich people paying 1 million baht (about (US$29,000 or GBP£15,000) for a meal cooked by six three-star Michelin chefs.

    Flying in from various parts of the world they will be entertained at the Dome Restaurant on the 65th floor of State Tower by the chefs, also flown in, and a wide range of "delicacies", also flown in for the occasion.

    The eleven course dinner includes such revolting dishes as creme brulee of foie gras and veal cheeks. Incidentally foie gras is being banned in more and more places around the world, and for good reason.

    As an event that is designed to promote Thailand as a hot destination with cuisine to match, the menu is, strangely enough, exclusively European.

    Deepak Ohri, organiser and MD of Dome Restaurant, laughed off comments about the environmental effects of flying in not only the guests but also the food and the chefs. Apparently he thinks that fewer tourists but spending more money is better than lots of tourists. Hmmm.

    Apparently there's only one Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in the world. It's in London, is Singaporean owned and the head chef is an Aussie.

    Seats are still available if you wish to join the "great and the good" for this unique dining experience.

    Eating in Thailand...

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