• Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Serious writing, child's imaginary friends......

    Given that I might be leaving Thailand in the coming months I'm going to make a greater effort to blog some serious thoughts and findings about Thailand. Sure there will continue to be stuff and nonsense and the usual ranting and moaning about whatever is pissing me off at that precise time but a lot more writing of substance too, I hope.

    I've spent many years in Thailand, on and off, and due to the fact that most Thais either don't care about history or know very little about it I've read a great deal about it and spoken to various knowledgeable people who do know about these things. So, as a little exercise to put what I do know down on paper I'll start looking into various facets of Thai history and culture.

    Given that I first arrived as a kid, well late teens then, in the aftermath of Gen Suchinda's slaughter of peaceful demonstrators, and have just lived through yet another of Thailand's far too numerous military coups I guess that could be the topic of the first bit of serious writing. The coup, something that Thailand has truly led the world in over the last hundred years. Though when I say "serious", not too serious, just as factual as I can manage.

    Two days back at school and we have the first party tomorrow. Odd, being a weekday party for a four year old. Unfortunately the wife will be escaping this one due to work, but I have no choice, I have to go. Bugger!

    My daughter is just over three and a half and an only child. She has a very vivid imagination and has several "imaginary" friends. As she talks with and about them I always feel this is some kind of early madness but I've been informed that it is in fact quite normal. Any thoughts on this? Is it slightly crazy behaviour or loneliness, or completely normal?

    Serious writing, child's imaginary friends......

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    its absolutely normal with kids .. Kids live in their own world of fantasies.. i think ur daughter also does.. & some times due to lonliness as she might not get friends of her choice.. she has created imaginary friends.. anyways leave ... ALice in Wonderland......

    Cheers !!!!!!!
    Reader in UAE

    4:25 pm  
    Blogger Liza said...

    My son is 2 1/2. Can I give you an answer next year? :-)

    7:19 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Anon: Thanks, yes that's what I've been told. Sounds reasonable but it never feels right having her chatting away with her invisible mates. I must admit, it's some fairly creative stuff that she comes out with so maybe it's good.

    Liza: Hmm, she started about a year ago. Apparently not all kids do this. One of her teachers told me that she has three kids and two of them had imaginary friends and the other one didn't. The one that didn't is now very introverted and the other two the opposite.
    Cheers all.

    8:27 pm  

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