• Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Chinese New Year, arranged marriage and another hub...

    An uneventful day. The weather is getting hotter by the feel of it. More bickering in the press about whether or not opening the new airport is a good thing, the main concern being what links there will be between Don Muang and Suwarnabhumi for domestic/international connections etc. Usual thing.

    With Christmas and the New Year celebrations out of the way the shops are well and truly set for the Chinese New Year celebrations. With the big bearded guy in red out of the way red and gold (Chineses NY) is the colour at the moment, with a hint of pink and the odd rose for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Ever Burger King are giving the little red gift envelopes (Chinese tradition at this time of year usually containing money) away with their meals. Inside are about half a dozen tokens for discounts on various items of food sold by Burger King. Burgers aren't really a part of our diet, just an occasional treat for the daughter. We generally go to Burger King because they do a veggie burger, whereas the big clown doesn't. Anyone know why?

    When Valentine's and the Chinese NY are done and dusted it's full steam ahead for the Thai New Year. Thais are certainly not slow to celebrate any celebration that can be celebrated. Oh, and I've capitulated, looks like it will be dinner for Valentine's Day. Argh!

    Sad story about some village in Pakistan in the paper. There was a dispute involving two families and the village heads were called in to arbitrate. The sentence they reached was the forced marriage of a four year old girl and a 45 year old man! Now, I know that some religions and some cultures have arranged marriages and in this terribly PC world we are supposed to be mindful of cultures other than our own, but... really! What kind of mind or culture could possibly condone forcing a four year old into a marriage with a middle aged man? How is this justice? More to the point how can this be tolerated in any society? It's a strange old world.

    Oh yes, I read of another hub that's been announced yesterday but unfortunately I've forgotten what it was. Regional cargo hub I think. Thailand is sure suffering from a case of serious hub gluttony.

    Chinese New Year, arranged marriage and another hub...



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