• Monday, February 19, 2007

    Great news for Bangkok, bombs in the south...

    Afternoon nap.

    At last!!! Great news on the front page of the Bangkok Post. For as long as I can remember, or at least as long as I have been visiting Thailand (fifteen years), I have moaned about the immigration staff in Bangkok, first at Don Muang and now at Suwarnabhumi. They are miserable, un-interested, rude and appear to have lost their heads between their own butt cheeks most of the time. Immigration staff in Phuket, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai aren't like it, and immigration staff in other countries aren't like it. Even their counterparts in Beijing and Rangoon are more friendly and welcoming.

    Well, the many complaints from pissed off tourists and visitors has finally paid off. The Post reports today that immigration staff at Suwarnabhumi airport are to get "personality training" so as to learn how to smile and present a better image of Thailand. It's a simple thing but will make such a huge difference to the thousands of people who start there trip into Thailand wondering what they did to anger the miserable bugger at the immigration desk. Whoever is responsible for this, I want to kiss you! Personally I would have recommended a full personality transplant but training is a good start.

    Sadly there has also been a series of bombs in the south, one report saying more than twenty explosions throughout four provinces. The explosions were coordinated and managed to injure nearly fifty people and some reports say four dead. Devastating as this is, in bomb terms and acts of terrorism it's a lucky escape. Two bombs went off yesterday in Baghdad killing 56 people. I know that's small consolation for the people injured and dead but just imagine what would have happened if the twenty or so bombs had been of the same magnitude as the Baghdad bombs. Catastrophic!

    I was hoping to go and watch the Chinese new year celebrations yesterday but still suffering from my ankle injury from last week so had a day of rest. It didn't help, just as bad today.

    Great news for Bangkok, bombs in the south...



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