• Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Fires and taxis in Bangkok....

    River life

    Look daddy, it's going to rain. This was my daughter on the way home from school yesterday afternoon. No said I, the sky is blue and it's scorchingly hot. But look, she protested, look at those big black clouds. She was right, there were big black clouds to our left.

    When we turned into Tiwanon Road the clouds were clearer, only they weren't rain clouds but thick black clouds of smoke. The Toshiba factory was going up in flames. Hundreds of workers, all in identical uniforms, spewed out on to the road like ants to be counted as the smoke continued to belch forth from the back of the factory.

    Sadly I have to admit that we slowed down as we drew nearer to the factory, to take a better look. Come on, it's human nature, we all do it. However, when I realised what we were looking at we moved off quickly. The fire seemed to be on the side of the factory right next to the Shell petrol station, and there was a breeze in the direction of said petrol station. Potential disaster I should think.

    Heading down the road towards Tesco there were more than half a dozen fire engines hurtling up the road with firefighters perched dramatically on the top for maximum exhiliration. There was no bang or all-engulfing fireball so I guess they contained it before any real damage was done.

    Once again I found myself in conversation with a taxi driver today. The usual conversation ensued with both of us firing questions back and forth about where we came from etc. Then he asked an odd question, is your wife cruel? Seemed strange. He elaborated. Does she shout? Does she talk too much? Does she stop you from going out? I think all women do this. (His opinion, not mine). Just seemed like a very peculiar thing to ask someone.

    The he asked why I liked living in Thailand. Difficult one, as at the moment I'm not completely sure I do like living here but I couldn't say that. I thought about it and then lied through my teeth reeling out all the old cliches about food, weather and beaches. But in reality - these days I rarely get to the beach; the weather is far too hot and humid and the food, though very nice, is predominantly meat or fish based which makes it difficult for me as a vegetarian.

    Fires and taxis in Bangkok....



    Anonymous lillian said...

    Isn't it strange that you can't say you don't like the country.. I made the mistake and once said I didn't like Chiang Mai..was not a good idea I had to find alot of reasons why I LIKE Chiang Mai, explain I'm having a bad day etc etc... easier to stick to cliches !!....

    9:26 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Hmm. I always feel that to tell a stranger that I don't like his/her country might be seen as rude. And then it's not that I don't like it, I just have some issues with it and my Thai ability doesn't allow for a full rundown in diplomatic fashion.
    So, agreed, cliches are the best option.

    9:59 am  

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