• Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Soo hot, Taksin in London....

    Another scorcher but with less breeze so the effects are greater. The garden is in desperate need of water.

    The hunt for the killer of the two Russian girls continues and there's another change in the story. Yesterday the man on CCTV was Asian but today he's large and of unknown nationality. They're now looking for a Thai tour guide in connection with the killing too.

    Taksin is off to give a talk on democracy in London. So, will it now be the turn of us Brits to be on the receiving end of Thai xenophobia? Will it be Tony Blair's turn to have his effigy burnt in public with protests outside the British Embassy and lots of trampling of Union Jacks and waving of the Thai flag? Remains to be seen.

    The wife pointed out this morning that the government are not happy about him doing this. I pointed out that, loathsome as he was, Taksin was actually elected fairly and democratically three times by a vast majority. The present PM was appointed by the ruling elite following a very undemocratic military coup. She said goodbye and went to work.

    I still have a Land Rover for sale if anyone is interested - deathly silence.

    Soo hot, Taksin in London....



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