• Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Sightseeing in Bangkok and Expat interviews.....

    Buddha's feet, Wat Pho

    Once again it's just the two of us. The wife's away on business for a few days so it's the old daddy and daughter team flying solo again. Maybe do a bit of sightseeing this afternoon, or alternatively cop out for an afternoon in the pool.

    We spent the afternoon mooching around Wat Pho yesterday. I'll write more about that soon and post a few pics. Amongst other things it has the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand. Worth a visit. I recently added a few articles to the site here. One about a recent weekend in Ayutthaya here and another one that's been sitting on my hard drive for ages about Shwe Dagon in Burma here. As ever they are also available in similar format at khaosanroad.com.

    I was contacted by Lizza at Expat Interviews a few weeks ago and she asked me to do an interview for her site. It's now live and you can take a peek here. She's got a great site there. It's definitely worth a look if you're in the mood for a new location.

    Getting ever more nervous about the impending move back to the UK and wondering if it really is for the best. Life used to be so easy.

    Sightseeing in Bangkok and Expat interviews.....

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    Anonymous lillian said...

    Ha ! Now I know how old you are :-) and alot of other things I didn't know.

    6:07 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Well, ball park anyway. Couldn't bring myself to divulge the exact age (just about closer to 30 than 40). I tried not to be too revealing! It's a good site they've got there.

    7:59 pm  

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