• Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Muay Thai boxing (kicking boxing) near Khao San Road and weight loss..

    Interesting day. Spent the whole afternoon down Khao San Road way filming Thai boxers at Sor. Vorapin Gym with John from khaosanroad.com

    Having been in the ring with a couple of Muay-Thai (Thai boxing or kick-boxing) boxers and a regular boxing world champion I can safely say I now have a new found respect for these guys। It looks so easy on the TV but when you're in the ring with them, literally inches from them hammering the hell out of each other you get the full effect।

    I was sweating buckets just watching but these guys seemed to be handling the heat pretty well। I'm inspired, i might go and give it a go. Certainly looks like the way to get fit - and lose some aggression at the same time.

    The video and interview will be up on khaosanroad.com soon(ish) and I'll drop a version here too.

    Talking of exercise, I mentioned about four weeks ago after returning from the UK that I'd managed to add on about 7kg whilst over there। I vowed to get it off and I have. Yep, 7kg now eradicated and I'm back to my previous weight. All gone through a mixture of controlling my diet and daily exercise. My aim now is to shed another 5kg and continue getting fit.

    Muay Thai boxing (kicking boxing) near Khao San Road and weight loss..

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    Anonymous lillian said...

    Congratulations to your weight loss.. a 'before' and 'after' picture would really help lol

    2:47 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great !!!!! u've reduced u weigth so much... how did u do it ?? looking forawrds for ur tips ..

    as lillian says... before & after picture would give brand .


    Reader in UAE

    3:16 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Hmm, revealing pics eh? Have to think about that one.

    My secret, not that there's anything scientific involved is:
    no meat (I'm a vegetarian and that means fish too), cutting out potatoes, bread (almost), any fizzy drinks (not that I drink much coke anyway), snacks, crisps and chocolate. Drink water as much as possible. I don't drink milk, only soya, and cut right down on cheese. I don't take sugar on or in anything either.

    Lots of fruit, veg and quality cereals like Weetabix, muesli and bran flakes. Feeling hungry? Forget the snack and just have a bowl of muesli and soya milk.

    On top of that I usually go to the gym for an hour and a half everyday (but not the last few weeks as I damaged a tendon).
    That's it. March 2005 I peaked at 111kg and by March 2006 I'd got down to under a hundred. I'm a fraction over 190cm tall so I don't look excessively fat (or so I think)
    Happy eating!

    9:08 pm  

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