• Monday, March 12, 2007

    Japanese restaurant and inter-racial family turbulence...

    Discovered a great little Japanese restaurant last night. Just across Sukhumvit Road from Emporium tucked away inside a soi, same soi as The Bull's Head I think. It's called something like Tan Tan Men.

    Nothing special to look at, very basic in fact but the food is excellent. Had a veggie Wakame Ramen for 150baht a bowl which was delicious. Generally I need two bowls of noodles to feel that I've eaten but the portions here were generous to say the least. Clientele seems predominantly Japanese and the atmosphere quiet. Definitely going there again.

    The wife broke the news to the in-laws over the weekend that we're off soon. The wife's father and sister were understanding and took it well, general feeling of "your life, do what you think is best", which I really appreciate. The mother, however, did not take it well. To say she is not happy about it is would be a huge understatement.

    I am officially enemy number 1. I am the worst kind of rat there is and my wife is been selfish, apparently. We had expected some resistance but not the weekend long barrage of abuse we've received. The mother's idea is that I should leave and take my daughter with me and the wife should stay here, and we see each other once a year. Completely f###### deranged!! (Sorry about the language there but often a well placed expletive can convey the feeling better than a string of flowery adjectives).

    This is beyond culture and even disparities in generational thinking, this is just about a selfish old woman who can't understand that people have their own lives to lead the best way they can. She even had the audacity to tell the wife that I don't love her and that she should not love me, and certainly not more than she loves her family or herself. She has now refused to see me or our daughter. Whilst I'm tempted to cheer at this last one I think it is very sad for the daughter, the innocent one in all this who is now going to be ostracized because of her blood.

    On a happier note, the sun is shining and I'm off to the gym. With all this bad feeling about is a calming picture I took last year in the UK.

    One of the peaks in Snowdonia, near the Cantilever. I might not have been a big fan of living in Wales but the countryside is beautiful - stunning. In Snowdonia you can always find somewhere to be alone.

    Japanese restaurant and inter-racial family turbulence...

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    Anonymous Bart said...

    Sorry for the M***** in law ;)

    And nice picture! We're looking for this kind of pictures on TheWorldinPhotos (www.twip.org). Pay us a visit! :)

    5:49 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Thanks. The site looks interesting. So, do I understand correct, there's no money element here? Photographer submits photos and no payment. Interesting.
    How long has the site been going?

    All quiet from the M-I-L today, the beautiful sound of silence, I'm thankful that we don't live together. Argh!!

    9:21 pm  
    Blogger Bart said...

    There is no money element, except Google Adsense revenue (for us) to pay hosting and other expenses.

    Photos are CopyRighted to their owner: Visitors can look at them but can not use them, unless they get authorisation from the owner (that's why we put a contact name for each photo).

    This website is one year old now. We got 3000 unique visitors a day. From all around the world.

    11:56 am  
    Blogger Liza said...

    For well over a year, we lived in a tiny old house where I had no realistic possibility of finding a job or making friends. The house was a two-minute drive from my in-laws. We decided to move, and after looking all over the place, we found a beautiful house in a great location, and we were both really excited. It was approximately 45 minutes away from my in-laws, and when we told them about it, my mother-in-law had a fit because we were moving "so far away". Never mind the fact that we had been living in the middle of nowhere before, with no prospects, no social outlets, etc, and that I had been bored and unhappy. Never mind the fact that my own family lives in the US and I only see them twice a year, so 45 minutes away is practically next door. More than ten years later, and I can still hear her saying, "So, I guess you're moving THERE, then", with such disdain in her voice, because it was more important to her that we live close by and be miserable than to live farther away and be happy.

    4:44 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    I think they've banned mother-in-law jokes in the UK on the grounds of not being PC. Shame, took the sting out of the reality of actually having a mother-in-law.
    Now she expects us to continue as if nothing has happened despite all the venom that poured from her mouth.
    Glad I'm not the only one with a troublesome M-I-L. Thanks for your comment Liza and good luck with yours.

    8:40 pm  

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