• Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Thailand's u-turns, more trouble and a crashed Bugatti Veyron....

    In its quest to be the hub for everything and anything in this region Thailand appears to have found a new hub to aim for. The hub for u-turns. Anyone who has driven in Bangkok will know how much Thais love a good u-turn, the road system is alive with u-turn lanes and u-turn bridges. But the love affair with the u-turn is not restricted to the roads, oh no. Following such monumental about faces as the great exchange control u-turn which saw the value of the Thai stock market plummet like never before, and the banning alcohol advertising double u-turn we now have the "they bombed me, they bombed me not" u-turn.

    After the confusion of the new year bombing extravaganza the government categorically denied the possibility of the southern Muslim extremists being involved. The country's military supremo, and also a Muslim, even pointed out that the insurgents in the south didn't know Bangkok and would get lost if they tried coming here (I jest you not). So it wasn't them, no way, no how, not possible, couldn't be, put it out of your mind, it wasn't them. Or so you might have thought. Now, as most will already have read, the screech of brakes is once again coming through loud as the government bus pulls another tyre-burning u-turn.

    It was them!! It was them all along. The government was only teasing after all. The bomb material which wasn't the same was the same in the end. Where the MO was different now it is the same. Well there we go, another fine mess sorted and a classy u-turn that even the Dukes of Hazzard would be proud of.

    On a serious note it is quite worrying the amount of people that are being killed here in Thailand at the moment. It seems that daily there is a slaughter of innocent people in the south, on both sides. It has even got to the stage where I find that I skim over the headlines of yet another bus load of innocent people slaughtered because they were of a different faith or whatever the reason and barely give it a thought. It's become so commonplace that I find myself desensitized. Ten bombs gone off, twelve people killed, three schools set alight, children forced to watch their parents beheaded and on and on and barely more than a tut of disapproval. I notice that one again there is almost no mention of these acts in the international media. Don't quite understand that one.

    More Thais are protesting about the atrocities on both sides and at the weekend there was the makings of a serious protest, with eight hundred people taking to the streets in an anti-government protest. With the violence in the south, concerns about the military government in Bangkok and the appalling pollution in the north Thailand doesn't appear to be having its finest hour at present. You can't help feel that as the current junta comes under more pressure to restore democracy, give power back to the people and then bugger off they might just return to the bad old ways of the bad old days when innocent protesters were cheerily gunned down in the streets. Lets hope that it never comes to that.

    Remember that Bugatt Veyron I mentioned before, here. Fastest production car in the world, costing US$1.5million etc. Well, some guy in the south of England has had his first crash in one. Apparently he is devastated and not taking it too well.

    Thailand's u-turns, more trouble and a crashed Bugatti Veyron....



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