• Friday, March 30, 2007

    Bangkok hospitals again and too much to do...

    A hell of a day yesterday. The daughter's school called me and asked if I could collect her, she was running a high temperature and had no energy. Seems that last week's illness is still with us.
    I raced into school and scooped her up from her bed where she was just flaked out and off we went in search of a hospital. I decided to try another hospital as I didn't get a great deal of confidence from the last one, who tried selling us antibiotics even though he'd given her a clean bill of health.

    Eventually we got to Phayathai Hospital on Paholyothin Road. Nurses were a bit scatty but the doctor was good. We spent several hours there whilst they ran blood tests. Initially he said she should be tested for dengue fever. After a great deal of screaming the place down blood was taken and off they went to analyse it.

    An hour later the results came back. How nice, she was negative for typhoid and various other ailments but they'd forgotten to test for dengue! I kid you not. So, it started again.

    Eventually we got the all clear. Seems she has a gastric-virus, probably picked up from other kids or from toys. Anyway, she needs rest and lots of water and she'll be mended in a few days - apparently.

    The work is mounting up. The things I need to do before we leave are just not getting done at the moment. Yesterday was lost and today I'm entertaining the daughter as she is not in school which means I have a constant distraction whenever I head to the computer. I need to find storage for the Land Rover, ship personal items back to the UK, say goodbye to everyone, tie-up loose ends and on and on... On top of that the wife wants a holiday before we go so she can spend some time with the daughter and I. Life is starting to feel like one big stressful holiday - GIVE ME WORK!!

    Bangkok hospitals again and too much to do...



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