• Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    Need help finding a route..

    We're looking for an interesting route home. The daughter and I are heading back home next month. Whereas I have enough air miles for the trip the daughter falls short. Short being as close as the edge of Europe or, strangely, South Africa. So, rather than pay the difference we're going to try and fly as far as we can and then make the rest of the journey by methods other than air.

    We can both go totally free as far as Egypt, Turkey, Middle East and South Africa. I've looked at South Africa and found a way to go back by sea, on a container ship. Great idea and I can secure a room on the ship but they won't take a child under eleven years. So that's out.

    Another option is Egypt. The daughter wants to see the pyramids anyway so we could mooch about a bit and then move on. But I can't seem to get assurances on the sea crossing into Europe. Some sources say it's not available and other it is. So that's in the air at the moment, or alternatively we just fly, in the air, from Cairo back to the UK.

    Turkey is another option. We could then either go by train through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France and then the UK or take the Turkey, Bulgaria/Greece, Albania, ferry to Italy and then train up through Italy and France route. Question mark on the latter is on Albania. Personally I'd have no problem going there but not sure it would be wise to risk taking a three year old.

    Or, alternatively I could find another route. I need help. Anyone got any advice? Any suggestions? It needs to be cost effective (if it is five times cheaper to fly then there's no point to it), interesting, not involve flying if possible, and reasonably safe.

    Need help finding a route..



    Blogger My Marrakech said...

    Sounds like your route is going to be amazing no matter how you do it. I have just been posting on Egypt on my blog - such a fascinating place.

    5:49 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    The flight we were going to take has is now not available so not sure at the moment. We want to do Egypt and sea to Europe but it seems that sea crossings have been halted out of Egypt.
    Thought of maybe Egypt, fly to Morocco and then sea to Spain and train from there. This involves flying and we're trying to avoid flight after the flight out of Singapore.
    So, probably Turkey or Greece back home but train and bus.

    9:38 pm  

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