• Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Just nonsense and a funny clip...

    Ever wondered who is looking at your blog or how they get there? I'm always curious as to who would want to read anything I've scribbled and occasionally take a browse through the stats and referral lists. The most used keyword is, no surprise, Thailand.

    However, I noticed today that I've also attracted interest from Nigeria. Nothing wrong with that in itself. But I was curious as to how there would be several hits from Nigeria. And guess what? Yes, it seems to be in some way connected to the good old west African scam. My Nigerian visitors had come via a Google search of the following words: 2006 email DIRECTORIES and account information of all the board of directors in swiz bank. Search for those words on google.com and I come top of the pile. Of course I've never written anything about Swiss banks or even their boards of directors but those words obviously pop up most frequently in my blog. So, instead of getting sensitive account info from Swiss banks they got me, and I got more spam email. Wonderful.

    The government here had proposed a plan to offer lower taxes and duties on eco-cars to encourage their importation, production and usage and thereby help lower fuel dependency and help the environment. However (screech of brakes) they have decided to drop the plan because it might effect sales of regular cars. But that, I thought, was the whole point. Isn't the idea to eventually replace the streets filled with 3litre pick-ups and Mercs with small eco-friendly cars that don't guzzle gas or cause harm to the surrounding environment? Maybe I'm missing something.

    Daughter back in school today and seems to have recovered fully. She woke early and wandered in to our room at about half four this morning trying to convince me that it was daylight and I should get out of bed. Having gone out for a drink last night the last thing I wanted was prodding and to be spoken to at that unearthly hour. No amount of ignoring could get the message across so she tried a different approach, "daddy, I love you". Arghh, not easy to ignore such sweet words so I had to reluctantly open my eyes and respond. How do females manage to learn so early how to control men?

    Here's an amusing clip from Iraq.

    Just nonsense and a funny clip...



    Blogger Bart said...

    This is about pollution today: email pollution, street pollution, bed pollution :D
    Just kidding ;)

    11:55 am  
    Blogger Liza said...

    I was woken at six this morning (better than four, but still not great) by a little voice saying, "you don't want to sleep anymore, right Mommy?". He then proceeded to uncover only me, take my hand, pull me out of bed, and drag me towards the living room so that we could watch "Big Cook, Little Cook" on BBC Prime. He's lucky that he's so cute, otherwise, his plan never would have succeeded...

    5:26 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Big Cook Little Cook at 4am just is never going to happen. She's got that on DVD and loves it.
    I think that despite her best efforts she knows there's no movement from me until the alarm goes off at 6am.

    9:12 pm  
    Anonymous Matt said...

    You don't wanna know what people search for to get to my blog.

    1:50 am  

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