• Monday, April 02, 2007

    Terrible shopping experience - again!

    I've done it again. I promised myself last time that any big"gish" purchases would only be from Central World or Paragon, on account of they seem to be the only places where you get a good level of service. Yesterday, due to time constraints, I broke the promise and bought from Central Lad Prao.

    It's the wife's birthday today and I bought her a video iPod, and at the same time another video iPod as a replacement for mine that I ran over a few months ago (long story). So yesterday I went into the Apple shop in Central Lad Prao with the intention of buying two video iPods.

    After twenty minutes of being ignored by the staff, who refused to serve me and turned their backs whenever I tried to get their attention I lost my rag. I interrupted two members of staff having a good chat and a laugh behind the counter and asked where else in Central I could buy iPods, as no one there seemed interested in serving me. Sarcasm is wasted on Thais, they just don't get it.

    When I finally got my point across the one seemed concerned enough to serve me whilst the other one laughed at me. I spoke Thai and asked her why she was laughing and if she had any manners. Sorry, sorry, giggle, giggle.

    I agreed to buy the two iPods and said I needed to know how to get all the songs from my existing itunes library onto the new iPod. Sure said she, she'd get someone to explain when I'd paid. I paid and that was that. Get lost. No explanation, nothing. refused to help. I enquired about the manager. Not here today. Could I have a business card? He doesn't have any. Can you give me his telephone number? No, we don't know it. The one girl was still giggling as I left the shop.

    I just didn't have enough time to get to town as I had to take the daughter to see Finding Nemo on ice up at Impact Arena so it was a case of desperation. Incidentally that was quite good, well if you're three it was. Oddly it wasn't full, probably about 60% of seats taken. I guess the Thai language shows probably have a bigger crowd.

    Terrible shopping experience - again!



    Anonymous Matt said...

    Just sync up the new pods with your library when you mouth them for the first time. Should be fine.

    9:21 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Seems to be sorted now, thanks for that.

    3:49 pm  

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