• Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Hot with itchy feet...

    HOT! Weather just getting hotter all the time. Last week some parts here reached 41c. I feel like I'm sweating all the time unless in air-con areas. I need a beach!

    Uneventful weekend so far. All day filming yesterday, daughter to ballet this morning and have to take her to see Disney on Ice this evening - Finding Nemo I think.

    Our trip back is almost worked out. It's going to be quite a journey taking in about seven countries, though nothing confirmed yet. Looking forward to this and can't wait for the off, though travelling thousands of miles by plane, train, coach and ferry with a three year old is going to be interesting.


    Hot with itchy feet...

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    Blogger Bart said...

    Sounds good (the trip, not the hot temperature, neither the Finding Nemo stuff). What are the countries and the transportation options?

    3:06 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    We want to do Egypt and sea to Europe but it seems that sea crossings have been halted out of Egypt.
    Thought of maybe Egypt, fly to Morocco and then sea to Spain and train from there. This involves flying and we're trying to avoid flight, after the flight out of Singapore.
    So, probably Turkey or Greece back home but train and bus. Ideally no planes, just boat, train and bus/coach. Suggestions?

    9:54 pm  

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