• Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Back from Laos and still no YouTube...

    Back from Laos and head still rocking from the train journey. I know the train to the north is hellishly long compared to air travel but if you can get the first class sleeper (there aren't many) I personally think it's better than flying. Cheaper, more environmentally friendly and more enjoyable than squeezing into a tiny seat on a plane.

    Will post more and some pics when I get my head together and sort myself out.

    I see the great YouTube debate is still raging. Having been out of the country and had chance to access the controversial YouTube I checked out the clips that are causing such a stir. One is just silly and not in the slightest bit offensive and the other one is clearly someone angry and making a point by being insulting. I can see why the more sensitive Thais would be offended by the latter but not the former, it's just someone making a point. Having a quick browse through the comments I noticed that most of the comments I saw were in fact in support of the video posters and against Thailand and its lack of freedom, contrary to what has been said here in Thailand.

    As many have already said, if they hadn't caused such a fuss the original videos would have simply vanished without a trace and no one would have need to bother about it. The Thai government seems to have done a great job of advertising those videos and encouraged more. Thailand seems to forget that in other parts of the world people are free to mock and criticize at will and when that freedom is checked they will do it all the more. Respect can quickly turn to derision.

    More later.

    Back from Laos and still no YouTube...

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    Anonymous lillian said...

    ''Will post more and some pics when I get my head together and sort myself out.'' Thats just how I feel about our holiday...So when are you re-visiting Chiang Mai?

    4:34 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Running out of time now. I would like to take a look again though. Do you still need dust masks up there or has the smoke gone now?

    10:03 pm  
    Anonymous lillian said...

    Most of the smoke has gone... too bad time is running out.. when are you leaving?

    9:06 am  
    Blogger AceOne118 said...


    Got your link from RL.
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    Have a nice day!

    9:26 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Lillian: leaving the end of next week. Shame we never met but I'll be back so maybe we can catch up for a coffee on my return.
    AceOne118: I'll look into it and let you know, feel free to link to me.

    10:20 am  
    Anonymous lillian said...

    Yes, lets do that :-)

    1:17 pm  

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