• Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Thoughts for the day...

    Should anyone be interested I've now added an email subscription link on the side. I must change the header at some point too if I'm going to continue blogging from here in England. I guess Life Out East is no longer completely accurate, maybe Life Back West or something like that.

    First day at school seems to have gone reasonably well, I'm sure I was more nervous than the daughter. Horrible memories flooding back and flashbacks of early school days (shivers). She trotted off into her class to meet her new friends and seemed totally at ease. I guess I'm going to hear all about it later, and probably several times over knowing my daughter. Fingers crossed.

    Now I find myself with some time on my hands - oh what luxury! I've got a shed load of things that need doing and at last I have a quiet environment in which to do them. Already clearing a backlog of work and still hours to go.

    Now with my new found single parent status, albeit temporary, I have got to try and start earning an income and balance my role as a parent at the same time. It's early days but already I have a great deal of respect for single parents the world over. It's nice to be able to hand the reins over occasionally and close down for some rest. Can't imagine what it would be like with three kids!!

    I've just had a work related conversation with someone in Thailand over the internet using Skype. Sound quality was lacking but it was completely free, don't you just love the internet? We have regular chats with the wife using the webcam too, so the daughter can chat on and on about The Little Mermaid or some Dr. Seuss character whilst I quietly wander into another room. I remember being impressed as a kid when I saw my first digital watch and then my first calculator watch but the daughter chats away on Skype whilst making faces at her mummy, all for free, from a distance of six and a half thousand miles and takes it all for granted. I feel old saying this but it really is a different world.

    Thoughts for the day...


    Blogger Liza said...

    I can remember thinking how incredible it was that I could stick pieces of paper into our phone and "send" them to someone else, that my mother could fax me a recipe and I would receive it immediately. Our children won't know a world without computers, and I wonder at what age his technical knowledge will surpass mine.

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