• Sunday, December 30, 2007

    For anyone who is even slightly interested, this blog is now closed. 


    Anonymous lillian said...

    awww. If you start a new blog will you let me know?Take care and all the best in the coming year !

    6:25 pm  
    Anonymous Liza R said...


    4:15 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Damn! I just liked checking in once in a while because you are a good writer -- and that makes whatever you have to say interesting. Even though it's no longer about "Life Out East" it was still cool to read about your life in UK because, well, you write about it in an articulate manner -- even the difficult life stuff which we all go through. Maybe reconsider opening the blog again?

    2:32 pm  
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    Blogger Hidayath Ulla said...

    Hey Mark !!
    Thts not fare to close it down like this.. we all appriciated ur blog articles.. & truely loved to read happenings in east & also in UK.
    So jus think over again !!
    If at all u dont have time or interest then forget it !!! enjoy ur work & family.. wish u happy life .

    Reader in UAE... Fulfilling DreamZ !! ..may u fullil ur dreams.

    3:31 pm  
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