• Monday, September 24, 2007

    Monks' revolution in Burma, and some photos....

    Things are really starting to move in Rangoon and throughout the rest of Burma. They're calling it the monks' revolution and it certainly seems to be gaining momentum. I've visited Burma about three times and have a real fondness for Rangoon, and found the Burmese to be a genuinely friendly and welcoming people.

    Opinion in the media seems mixed about where this could all be leading with some predicting bloodshed and others wondering at what point will it be too late for the ruling junta to intervene. There is also a theory that the Chinese, one of the junta's biggest partners along with Thailand, are pressurising Shwe and the boys into exercising restraint. Either way, this is the closest they've been to true uprising for many years.

    This is one of an increasing number of clips appearing on youtube.com from people inside Burma.

    Here are some other images appearing on the net. These two courtesy of AP.

    Here are two shots I took in Rangoon, personal favourites.

    And on a lighter note here's a bill board I saw in Rangoon. Yes, that's right, beer that is both anti-aging and keeps you forever young. Marvelous!



    Or you could express your support by joining this group on facebook.com - Myanmar (Burma) Uprising: Worldwide Support

    Monks' revolution in Burma, and some photos....



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