• Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Back from Germany and something from the inbox..

    Germany was good. The daughter enjoyed seeing her old mate again and the two of them, three with the mate's little sister, ran wild all weekend.

    Often there are women on the radio here in the UK moaning about looking after kids and especially when it comes to going on holiday, always worrying about what to take and how to entertain the kids. It really isn't that bad to be honest. Now having been clocking up miles with daddy-daughter travel over the last few years I can honestly say that I recommend it in some ways., it's no half a bad as people say it is.

    We've made more flights from UK to Thailand than I care to mention, I've been to Laos with her, and Austria and Singapore. The two of us have driven through Malaysia, traveled overland from Istanbul to the UK and now driven from England to Germany and back. Did it drive me crazy? Not a bit. We had a great time. Drawing pad, pencils and crayons, book to read, cuddly toy or two, music CDs that she likes and the patience for hours of mindless conversations. Fortunately I haven't fallen into the trap of buying a seat-back DVD player yet.

    Here's an amusing one from the inbox:

    During a visit to a mental hospital recently, Harriet Harman asked the director what the criteria was, which defined if a patient should be institutionalized. Well replied the director, first we fill a bath with water, then we offer them: A teaspoon A teacup A bucket And ask them to empty the bath. Oh yes I understand said Harriet, obviously a normal person would use the bucket, as it's bigger than a teaspoon or teacup. No said the director. A normal person would pull the f###ing plug out. Do you want a bed near the window or the door ???

    Back from Germany and something from the inbox..


    Blogger Liza said...

    Kudos to you for traveling alone with your daughter so much. I was very proud of myself for having survived a three-week trip with my 3 year-old to visit family in the US. It wasn't too difficult while we were there (not that it was easy), and while the flights to the US weren't bad, the return was a bit of a nightmare, which included at least two bouts of me chasing him around the terminal while receiving looks of bemused pity from other travelers (as well as looks of sympathy from other parents).

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