• Friday, June 15, 2007

    Rain, trouble in Thailand and whatever happened to competitiveness in schools????

    I was feeling glum last night due to the intense and prolonged rain. It poured it down all afternoon and most of the night. It was the full British rain experience; heavy thick dark clouds, continuous drizzle which regularly turned into great downpours and that feeling of overcast misery. Ah yes, the great British summer that I remember so fondly from my youth. Though to be honest, the weather has been fairly good so far so the odd lapse can be accepted I guess.

    However, it seems that a drop of the falling wet stuff is small beer by comparison to what is happening over in Thailand (where I've recently returned from living for those who don't know). Outbreaks of malaria, missing billions, emergency decrees in Bangkok, fear of the entire education system in the south being closed down through violence and terror, and on and on... I must admit that life here does seem somewhat dull by comparison when the only thing I have to complain about is the rain and high prices.

    The daughter has her first sports day coming up. I'm probably more excited about this than she is, as long as dads aren't expected to make fools of themselves in any way. I've been harbouring proud father images of the daughter winning a race or throwing a ball the furthest or generally winning some activity or other that three year olds do.

    However, in this day and age of political correctness it seems that my dream will not come true. Having put her in a public (private for you non-Brits) girls school to escape the silliness of the education system here I find that it's even permeated into the private sector. Yes, they are creating a sports day that has neither winners nor losers. Just people taking part and being happy about the fact they are taking part. For fear of someone being disgruntled at not winning anything, and presumably then feeling that their human rights have been violated in some way, everyone will be a winner. Well yippee-dee! I haven't established whether or not this madness continues throughout the school yet, but if it does there will be a school change coming her way.

    How will we ever beat the Aussies at any sport if we are going to take the competitiveness out of competitive sports?? When I was at school I won races and lost races (though lost more often than won, I seem to remember). In some things I'd either win or do respectably well and in others I was just a joke but it never bothered me. I couldn't stand football when I was a kid and reluctantly minced about the pitch like some kind of spanner that shouldn't have been there but I don't appear to be scarred by it in any way. The country is going completely bonkers! Can someone explain??

    Rain, trouble in Thailand and whatever happened to competitiveness in schools????


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