• Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Long time no post..

    Seems like a lifetime since my last post. Slowly getting back into things here. Daughter in school and enjoying it. Normally 8am to 3.30pm but this week she's been staying on until 6pm, and enjoying it. I feel cruel making her stay so long but it's only temporary.

    Now I'm completely a single parent (temporarily) the reality of it is sinking in. There's no problem but everything is a struggle. We're living quite a distance away from her school so I have lots of driving to do, something that will change when we find a new house. Balancing work and parenting is tricky. Even though the wife was only around for a few hours each day in Bangkok there were always some periods when I could take a backseat and relax. Now the pressure is all on me. Every time I try to do something for myself I'm wondering if I'm ignoring her and should I be spending more time with her to compensate for the lack of one parent?

    Oddly enough I don't seem to be missing Thailand. We've been back here for two weeks now, I think, and I can't say there are any withdrawal symptoms. Enjoying not sweating all the time and not getting eaten by mozzies (and of course I can look at youtube here!!).

    Here's something stupid from dear old nanny state UK. There's a law in place that bans smoking in the workplace. However a van used for commercial purpose, or a lorry, is seen as a workplace. So, you guessed it, someone in their own lorry or van who lights up a cigarette is actually breaking the law. Bonkers! And today a young child of about eight was arrested for throwing a piece of cucumber at a vehicle. The police said that they have a quota for the number of arrests they make so they are now having to target such cucumber throwing minors in order to reach that target. Ho-hum!

    Long time no post..


    Anonymous lillian said...

    You don't miss thailand.. thats good. Not fair you can watch youtube and you're not sweating....

    7:31 am  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    NEW Change with Title..hmm

    Looking forward for ur posts

    Reader in UAE

    9:14 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yes, sorry about the title change, it's only temporary until I get an image sorted.

    1:55 am  
    Anonymous Bangkok Hotels said...

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    4:41 pm  
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