• Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Trouble predicted in Bangkok...

    Well, what's happening in Thailand. Is democracy about to take another hit? All sources seem to be pointing toward Wednesday as being a day of chaos and possibly violence. So much so that the government are drafting in 13,000 soldiers and police to keep things calm. Hmm, surely such a vast number will only have the opposite effect.

    Oddly enough the "PM" is out of the country, despite warning about this date last week. So presumably in his absence responsibility for quelling any protests that turn violent (or ones that are forced into violence) will be at the door of the military. Worrying. For anyone who isn't familiar with the Thai way of quelling protests check out this video below (apologies to readers in Thailand as the great Thai nanny deems youtube.com unsuitable for your eyes). Watch it all and keep your eyes on the screen, it's shocking, really shocking.

    With any luck the whole thing will pass without so much as a stone being thrown, but it seems that might be unlikely.

    Trouble predicted in Bangkok...


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