• Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Single dad and nothing to write..

    Being a single dad (temp) is taking its toll. Doing more work now and managing to balance fatherly duties with work - just about.

    Surprisingly easy to slip back into life here in the UK. Apart from the fact it has rained for three days solid it's quite nice. Oddly enough even though everything here is stupidly expensive things somehow seem cheaper here, consumer goods and food at least.

    Despite us Brits having a reputation for terrible food I really think the food here and the choice of food here is excellent. Certainly from the daughter's point of view things are better. The daughter has got her appetite back and eats much more than she ever did in Thailand. It's much easier to buy good quality food here and organic food is plentiful too. On top of that it's much easier for me as a vegetarian here.

    Seems more difficult to find something to write about here. There are plenty of things that are every bit as shocking or interesting as there are in Thailand but somehow it seems less worthy of blog column inches. Or maybe it's just that I simply don't get as much free time to sit down and write whilst I'm here. Should eventually get more time to write as we get more settled here.

    Single dad and nothing to write..


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