• Sunday, July 08, 2007

    Concert for the planet and child care......

    Due to a lack of babysitter I find myself stranded at home whilst the daughter and her cousin, who is here for a sleep-over, run amok. Fortunately the internet and Live Earth concert have stopped what could have been a very dull evening. Admittedly a trip to the pub would have been better still but beggars (parents) can't be choosers.

    Quite nice to see that at last people are waking up to the fact that we need to change our habits if life is to continue as we know it. Though it is well known that more than a few of the people involved don't give a toss about the environment, they're just in it for the music, and the very cynical have even suggested that Gore (the organser) himself has more sinister political motives. .

    We had quite a good selection of bands here in the UK and among them was The Foo Fighters. Obviously I've heard of these guys before but never really paid them much attention. Having seen their performance I'm impressed. That guy Grohl is quite an entertainer. They have a new fan.

    I couldn't help notice the number of beards around. It certainly seems that the beard is in vogue once again. Maybe I won't have a shave after all.

    I've also discovered www.facebook.com. Or at least I've just signed up for an account. Anyone else use it?

    Concert for the planet and child care......


    Anonymous nomad4ever said...

    Oh yeah, Dave Grohl is quite a character! I liked them even more when Kurt Cobain was still around.

    There was always this ongoing competition and Grohl is definitely sooooo much better when seriously challenged.


    Cheers from Bali,


    Life is what you make it!

    9:54 am  
    Blogger Liza said...

    I joined facebook recently too. How do I find you?

    3:02 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Chris, I was never really a fan of Nirvana or Cobain but The Food Fighters certainly put on a good show.

    Liza, I've sent an email and an invitation to you on facebook.

    10:41 pm  
    Anonymous lillian said...

    Really like Foo Fighters too.. Like the beggers /parents can't be choosers sentence.. so true !!

    1:17 pm  

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