• Saturday, September 22, 2007

    It's been a long time..

    Too long. Feels like an age since I last posted. Being back here I just don't get the time to update the blog anymore, though I intend to try and change that now.

    All the pressures of being back in the UK have been piling up. I'm still a single parent and a working one at that, which is proving to be a real bitch of a job. The daughter is in her second term and loving it and I somehow manage to take full care of her whilst trying to make a crust and fight off bankruptcy.

    I can't lie, there have been the odd occasions when I've wondered if coming back was right and recently I've found myself drifting off into beach-based Thai-flavoured day dreams. Still, I'm here and I ain't moving nowhere just yet.

    Is Christmas really that close??

    Here's a few pics of some paragliding up on Hay Bluff in the Brecon Beacons the other week.

    It's been a long time..



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