• Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Plot thickens in Burma and something I never thought I'd ever say....

    As more and more people and monks join the protests in Rangoon so does the intensity of media coverage outside Asia. With a curfew now imposed and threats of harsh action by the ruling military junta the big worry is where this will all end.

    The footage of monks clad in nothing but robes marching in defiance against the heavily armed troops of Than Shwe is quite something. This is what I've always thought Buddhism was all about. Quite refreshing after my many years witnessing the uglier side of Buddhism next door to Burma.

    Apparently the military have ordered several thousand robes and ordered the same number of soldiers to shave their heads. The thinking is that they might be preparing to send these guys in undercover to stir up trouble and start violence, thereby giving the military an excuse to let loose with the big guns.

    The group I mentioned on facebook.com in yesterday's post [Myanmar (Burma) Uprising: Worldwide Support] is gaining support and some of the people involved have already organised quiet protests in Canada.

    A view by Shwe Dagon that I took in 2005

    On another topic here's something I never thought I'd ever say: That Gordan Brown bloke, he's not too bad. Anyone who either knows me or has ever read this blog will know that there's more chance of Margaret Thatcher voting Labour than me but after Brown's inaugural speech yesterday I can't help thinking he's not such a bad bloke. Unlike Blair and his cronies, Brown doesn't seem to be afraid of liking Britain. Where Blair made people feel ashamed of being British Brown is gunning for more patriotism and a sense of national worth. And rather than coming out with clever soundbites penned by Alastair Campbell he does seem quite passionate about his policies, including education, crime and immigration. Hopefully he's true to his word and manages to follow through on his promises. And, of course, being a Scot and PM of England it will be interesting to see who he supports when England next play football or rugby against Scotland.

    Plot thickens in Burma and something I never thought I'd ever say....

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